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Visas for Foreigners travelling to Greece - 03-MAR-09  



Greece follows the Schengen Agreement provisions and the subsequent acquis concerning short term visa issues.

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Public administration bodies

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City planning and Land registry

City planning and city plan | Constructions and buildings | Land registry and fields

Civilization and Free time

Culture | Entertainment | Sports | Volunteer work | ...

Education and Research

Education (general) | First and Second Degree Education | Higher Education | Technical and professional education | ...

Environment and Natural Resources

Action | Delimitations | Protection of the environment | Utilization of natural resources | ...

Finance and Economy

Allowances and benefits in cash | Financial activity sectors | Loans, debts and currency exchange | Taxation and taxes | ...

Health and Social Care

Alimentation | Consumer protection | Health and sanitation | Social welfare | ...

Information and Communication

Communication | Data protection | Informatics and communication technologies | Telecommunications | ...

International affairs and European Union

Consular affairs | European Union | International relations

Justice, State and Public Administration

Elections | Justice and law | Public administration | State and democratic institutions | ...

People, Communities and Way of Living

Citizenship, immigration and social incorporation | Human Rights | Personal details | Residence | ...

Public Order and Defence

Armed forces and recruiting service | Public order | Weapons and explosives

Services for companies

Controls and penalties | Entrepreneurship | Human Resources | Professional premises | ...

Transportation Means, Trips and Tourism

Driving | Logistics | Means of transportation | Traffic management | ...

Work, Insurance and Pension

Job search | Labour issues | Practice of an occupation | Social Insurance | ...

Electronic Services  Electronic Services

The following services, available to registered users, are processed on-line through the ermis portal.

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