Cross Border: Radio engineer A


Temporary and occasional provision of services regarding installation, maintenance, repair and assembly of radio electrical transmitters, receivers and appliances of any kind.


The applicant should be an EU citizen, be at least 18 years of age and not have submitted the same application to another Prefecture of Greece.


Step 1: Interested service providers file supporting documents to the Transport and Communications Department of the respective Region.

  1. Supporting Documents Review :The Transport and Communications Department checks whether conditions are met, on the basis of filed statement and supporting documents.

Step 3: Within a month from reception of statement and supporting documents the Region grants a certificate for lawful provision of services or notifies about the outcome of review. In case of difficulty, which would entail a delay, the competent authority notifies the interested party within the first month about the reason of delay and the deadline for taking a decision, which should not exceed 2 months from reception of all documents. If a substantial difference is found between the professional qualifications of the provider and the required training in Greece, and such difference is thought to be hazardous for public health or safety, then the provider is requested to prove that he/she has the necessary knowledge and skills, specifically through a proficiency test. In any case if the respective Region does not respond within the set deadlines, the provider may provide the services.

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