Business marketing license for propagating material of type A, B, C and D

  • Competent Entity: MINISTRIES
  • Service Code: 6053
  • Processing Time: Up to 50 days from the request and the supporting documents to the competent service for the adoption
  • Cost: 1) Business trading licenses of propagating material of crop varieties. - For type A license, a fee of 3.200 euro is charged - For renewal of license of type A, a fee of 800.00 euro. - For type B license a fee of 130 euro is charged - For renewal of type B license a fee of 32 euro is charged - For type C license a fee of 1.300 euro is charged - For renewal of license of type C, a fee of 325 is charged - For type D license a fee of 65 euro is charged - For renewal of license of type D, a fee of 16 euro is charged The aforementioned fee are charged in the Central Fund for Agriculture, Livestock and Forests, in the account of Seed production and Nurseries.
  • Legal Framework: L.1564/85 (OG 164/A/26-9-85) L.2040/92(OG 70/A/23-4-10) L.2325/95 (OG153/A/27-7-95) M.D 320698/24-7-87 M.D. 394972/2525/11-8-94 M.D.394973/2526/11-8-94 M.D.303206/26-5-97 M.D.225012/4-4-03


Natural or legal persons trading propagating material


The necessary supporting documents must be filed. For type A license an additional storage (owned or rented) is required, while for type C license, a storage and standardization facilities are required.


Step 1: The interested company or the natural person submits an application to the local KEPPYEL with the supporting documents required and the appropriate fee.

  1. KEPPYEL make the administrative control of the completeness of the file, as it concerns the supporting documents required. Then a sport check is conducting at the company attesting the accuracy of the reported data.
  2. KEPPYEL, as far as the aforementioned information is correct, prepare an explanatory report and send it along with documentation of the company to the Directorate of Crop Production Input.
  3. In the Section a second administrative control is carried out and where the completeness and correctness of the file is found, the data recorded in the database (register).Otherwise additional documentation is required from KEPPYEL and in extreme cases the file is returned. Then the license is issued and sent to the KEPPYEL

Step 5: KEPPYEL hand over the license to the person concerned and keep the file of the company in its archive. At the same time inform the person concerned about his obligations according to the applicable legislation.

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