Things you must do in order to get electric power


Information pertaining to the supporting documents that have to be submitted for electric power supply.


Information on the required documentation : The power supply application (you can use the special form provided by PPC) must include the following : a) details necessary to identify the property, b) amount of power supply you need, c) use of electric power (domestic-general), d) whether you want night billing. The Statement - Authorization of the Consumer is submitted for the collection and installation of supporting material for the supply (counter box, stanchion etc). The relevant form is provided by PPC. The Installator Solemn Declaration (YDE) is issued and granted by the licensed electrician that has manufactured or inspected your internal electric installation, validated by the competent Tax Office and applies for a specified time period from the date submitted to the PPC. The most common cases are the following : 14 years for residencies 7 years for stores etc. Especially for the cases of power supply to buildings with building license issued until 31.12.94 and consequently a validation by the Tax Office is required, this validation must necessarily be double, separately for the holder of the property and for the installator - electrician, even if the competent Tax Office is the same in both cases. The certificate of the competent Tax Office, required for the power supply of a block of flats issued after 31.12.94 is granted for the entire building to the contractor, who, for the connection of every single apartment - store etc is obliged to issue a copy of the under question certificate by the competent Tax Office. Based on the validated statement of the area of the property you will be charged together with the power supply bill the following additional charges : a) Municipality / Community fees for cleanness and lighting. b) Municipal/Community tax. c) Property duty (TAP). The relevant form is granted by the Municipality or the Community.

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