Certificate on establishment of an S.A. and registration of the same in the SA register


Description of the procedure of automatic search for issuing a certificate on establishment of an S.A. and registration of the same in the SA register.


The process of automatic search for this certificate is as follows: a) The requesting department clearly determines the public purpose or the administrative act for which the issuance of the certificate is required. b) The department seeking the certificate provides sufficient identifier information for the persons for which the certificate is required. c) Within 24 hours from the submission of an application by a citizen to the public service for the handling of their case, the service sends a letter (document) for the automatic search of the certificate to the service responsible for its issuance, as set forth in paragraph 2 of Article 1 of this decision. Among other data, that letter must state the name of the employee who is seeking the certificate and the procedure for which the documentation is required. The letter is sent by facsimile or email if the latter is accompanied by a digital signature. If there are several requests for the issuing of the certificate, these can be grouped in the same letter. d) Within 48 hours, the competent service sends the certificate requested with the letter of sec (c), by fax or e-mail (if the latter is accompanied by a digital signature), to the requesting department. Certificates are sent by post only when the submission of the original is required. e) Certificates sent to the requesting service by fax, are certified by this in accordance with Article 10 of Law 3230/2004. Where, in accordance with specific provisions, the original is required, the whole procedure for the issue of the final administrative act based on the copy, sent by fax in the manner provided in paragraph (d) is held, until the arrival of the original, when the final administrative act is issued. Pending the entry into force of the decision, SA Directions and Credit of the General Secretariat of Commerce, the Directions of Oil Policy and Supervision, Oil Companies Management of the Ministry of Development, the Commerce Administrations of the Prefectural Local Governments and the services of the Organisations of Street Markets in Athens and Piraeus, should designate numbers and fax machines for the smooth reception of automatic certificate search requests from services and then send the requested certificates.

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