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  • Processing Time: The passport is issued within 3 working days from the receipt of the necessary documents. For special cases, a passport may be issued within a single day.
  • Cost: Issuing duties : For a passport of five year duration a duty of nominal value 22 Euros +20% OGA =26.40 Euros in total. For the rest of the passports for every year of validity a duty of nominal value 4 Euros +20% OGA=4.80 Euro per year.
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Procedure and required supporting documents for issuing a passport (Exclusive competence of Hellenic Police since 01-01-2006).


Citizens visit the Passport Office (Reception Office) of the respective Police Department in order to apply for the issuing of passport, presenting the required documentation.

  1. Reception Offices check the documents you are submitting and whether the passport issue conditions are met. In case your request is rejected the applicant is notified by the reception office by means of personal letter and the amount paid for duty stamps is returned.
  2. The supporting documents are forwarded to the Central Service for issuing passports by courier.
  3. The Central Service issue the passport within 3 working days from the receipt of all necessary documents.
  4. The new passport is sent in the same way (courier) to the Service, where the application was submitted.

The applicant collects the passport from Reception Office, in person or by proxy, presenting the receipt for the submission of the supporting documents.

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