Payment of fees (Chambers)

The request can be made through the Citizens’ Service Centres (KEP).

  • Competent Entity: CHAMBERS
  • Involved Entities: KEP
  • Service Code: 2041_h
  • Web page:
  • Legal Framework: GG 400/Β΄/28.03.2005


Information on the procedure for the payment of fees (Chambers).


Citizens visit the KEP of their choice to apply for the payment of fees (Chambers), presenting the required documentation.

  1. The KEP employee receives and checks the documents that are presented by the citizen. If, during check, a missing or uncomplete document is discovered, the employee informs the citizen and refrains from submitting the Application.
  2. The employee fills in the electronic Application and creates a new folder in the KEP Information System.
  3. The employee of the KEP receives the final Document immediately from the Competent Entity.

Citizens visit the KEP and receive certificates for the payment of fees (Chambers).

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