Trading licenses for plant protection products

  • Involved Entities: RECRUITMENT AGENCY
  • Service Code: 0817
  • Processing Time: Up to 50 days after the receipt of the request and any necessary documents to the competent service for the issue of the final act (time commits the Agency issuing the final act). In the event of the expiry of this period, the request of the person in concern is adopted implicitly and deemed to be authorized, according to par.4 of article 14 of the L. 3844/2020 (OG 63/A/3-5-2010). The person in concern, in the aforementioned case of the implicitly authorization may request a relevant statement by the competent administrative authority for issuing the act, according to par. 4 of art. 10 of the L. 3230/2004 (OG 44/A/11-2-2004)
  • Cost: A fee of 700 euro is required for the new trading license of plant protection products. For the renewal of the trading of plant protection products a relevant duplicate of 350 euro is required
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  • Legal Framework: arith apof. 307752/18-10-2010 FEK 1865 B/29-11-2010 1. L.D.220/1973 (O.G272/v.A/5-10-1973) 2. L.721/6-10-1977 (O.G298/v.A/7-10-1877). 3. Circular with ref.n. 73490/30-5-1994. 4. The circular with r.n. 78617/22-6-1994. 5. L. 2538/1997 (OG242/v.A/1-12-1997), art. 2 6. P.D. 264/2000 (OG 217/v.A/11-10-2000) 7. The L.2945/2001 (O.G 223/v.A/8-10-2001, art.22 . 8. The P.D 253/2002 (OG 224/v.A;/25-9-2002). 9. L. 3399/2005 (OG 255/v.A/17-10-2005) par.32,art 20. 10. The Ministerial Decision 308975/2006 (OG1416/v.B/26-9-2006) 11. The Ministerial Decision 124832/2007 (OG 24788)


The marketing store of plant protection products is the place from which the producers purchase the pesticides they use in their crops


The trading license of plant protection products is provided for the exclusive trading of pesticides excepting the trading or processing of food, beverages, medical drugs and cosmetics as well as feedstuffs, but it is allowed the trading of other agricultural items, as agricultural machinery tools, seedlings and seeds. The stores of pesticides marketing may ensure: a)the proper maintenance, preservation and storage in groups and categories of toxicity, b)the workers safety and c) the quietness of local residents. The conditions met by the trading stores of plant protection products are the following: 1.The store should be an independent building, ground floor with adequate lighting, built legally having a surface at least 40 square meters. 2. The store should have installed water supply and toilet (WC, washbasin) according to the provisions of the applicable Health Regulation. 3.Drugs should be placed on selves with a special provision, so that herbicides should be placed separately and away from the other drugs. Also the harmony herbicides should be placed in specific locations (selves) so as not to affect other pesticides. 4. Pesticides listed in the first category of toxicity, marked with the symbol “skull with cross bones” and the word “POISON” should be placed in special locations (selves) and be kept locked. 5. The store should have a ventilation system, covering the whole area and resulting in a special strong absorber (depending on the space of the store) for removal of odors and dust and renewal of the store air. The whole system is connected with an abductor tube placed 2 meters above the roof of the building. 6. The store should have a special space, where the unsuitable for marketing pesticides must be stored until their removal. 7.The store should be equipped with the necessary first aid in case of accident caused by pesticides (special antidotes) 8. The proper fire system should be provided, according to the regulation (Fire Service regulation). The stores managers of plant protection products trading should be present on their store and in case of their absence, a legal representative should be replace him. The replacement license should be granted by the authority which granted the marketing authorization for longer than 2 days. In case of the absence of the manager of the store for more than a few hours to 2 days the replacement license is not required and for this period the distribution of plant protection products is prohibited. According to the p.d. 253/2002 (OG 224) the scientists should be “ graduate agronomists of the University or must have graduated from T.E.I by the department of Crop Production and the Department of Greenhouse Crops or the Floriculture Department or the Department of Agricultural Holdings according to articles 1, 2 and 7 of the P.D 109/19898 (A 47) or based on article 5 of the L. 1865/1989 (A 120) equivalent degree in the relevant Section of Plant Production K.A.T.E.E or equivalent degree or diploma of relevant qualifications of domestic or foreign schools. According to the par.1 of article 1 of the l.d 220/1973 and the par.7 of article 2 of the l. 2538/1997 (OG 242), the trading license of plant protection products is provided in natural persons, since the interested persons according to article 1, par.d of the p.d 264/2000 (OG 217) “have not been convicted in any irreversible punishment or have not been indicted with irrevocable presentment for theft, embezzlement, fraud, extortion, forgery, crimes against morality, defamation, counterfeiting and breach of the provisions of article 5 and 12 of the L. 1729/1987, as applicable, or have not been irrevocably sentenced for a felony or misdemeanor for which a deprivation of their political rights has been imposed”.


Βήμα 1: Ο ενδιαφερόμενος υποβάλλει στην αρμόδια αρχή διεκπεραίωσης (Δ/νση Αγροτικής Ανάπτυξης της Νομαρχιακής Αυτοδιοίκησης στην περιοχή ευθύνης της οποίας εδράζεται το κατάστημα) φάκελο με τα απαιτούμενα δικαιολογητικά

  1. Ελεγκτικό κλιμάκιο της αρμόδιας αρχής διενεργεί επιτόπιο έλεγχο στο κατάστημα όπου πρόκειται να διενεργηθεί εμπορία με σκοπό να ελεγχθεί αν πληροί τις προδιαγραφές.
  2. Συντάσσεται έκθεση ελέγχου και πρόταση για χορήγηση ή μη άδειας εμπορίας φυτοπροστατευτικών προϊόντων.

Βήμα 4: Εκδίδεται άδεια εμπορίας φυτοπροστατευτικών προϊόντων και αποστέλλεται με συστημένη αλληλογραφία στον ενδιαφερόμενο.

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