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Here submit electronic requests for public administration services by receiving the outcome (certificate, certificate, etc.) or your email box or ACC you provide when submitting the application.

In the application, you are asked to select a CRC that will manage your case. If you want the outcome of the application to be stored directly in your electronic mailbox should choose ACC with a capacity to digitize documents. Please note that this document you can print and use in your dealings with the public administration, in accordance with Article 1 of Law. 4250/2014 (GG 74 /A/26.03.2014).

If the online application requires documentation then you should attach the corresponding electronic documents through your mailbox. The processing of the application you can watch it from your case file. For the electronic application, necessarily be preceded by your connection to portal "Hermes».

Filtering per thematic category integrated in the service

City planning and Land registry , Civilization and Free time , Education and Research , Environment and Natural Resources , Finance and Economy , Health and Social Care , Information and Communication , International affairs and European Union , Justice, State and Public Administration , People, Communities and Way of Living , Public Order and Defence , Services for companies , Transportation Means, Trips and Tourism , Work, Insurance and Pension , [ APPLY NO FILTER ]

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