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My needs

Buying a House

It will include those procedures needed for the acquisition or the building of a residence but also any other type of facility provided by a number of public bodies, such as construction and purchase loans, as well as taxation issues, tax exemptions for the first residence etc.

Getting Married

It must include anything related to the legal frame but also to the documents and certificates needed when someone is getting married or is already married, such as declaration of the marriage in the municipal rolls, marriage certificate

Getting insured

It must include anything related to the social insurance from all the funds, such as insurance certificates, insurance fund allowances, insurance contributions etc.

Having a baby

Declaration of birth, maternity allowances, family allowances and insurance fund aids, procedures pertaining to adoption, operation of children’s playground and nurseries etc.

Looking for a Job

Here, may be a description of a vocational training program and the acquisition of working experience, links to sites as the ones including vacant post announcements, information on technical and professional training, subsidies for the establishment of a new company, youth entrepreneurship etc.

Loss in the family

It pertains to the issuing of all those certificates needed when someone dies, such as death certificate, as well as, funeral allowances, pensions due to death, transfer of pension to relatives of the deceased etc

Lost wallet

In this case it is possible to categorize procedures that pertain to the loss of passport, identity card, and in general personal documents, while it would be useful to make reference to relevant information according to what one has to do, where one has to address to etc.

Military Service

It must include anything pertaining to military service.


Anything related to the administration of pension by all the funds.

School life

It may concern parents and procedures pertaining to the students themselves. Schools and fees of private education, study certificates to students, school and teaching year, registrations and transfers of students etc.


It must include anything that has to do with the legal frame but also with the documents and certificates needed when someone gets a divorce.

Starting a Business

The legislative frame and the procedures for establishing a company, subsidies etc


It may concern the students but also their parents. It describes scholarships for studies, higher education studies, student allowances, military obligations of students etc.

Travelling Abroad

Passports, visas, means of transport.

Electronic Services  Electronic Services

The following services, available to registered users, are processed on-line through the ermis portal.

My needs and wants