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Personal Data Protection

Managing and protecting the personal data of visitors/users in this portal owned by the Ministry of Interior Affairs, Public Administration and Decentralisation (hereon: Ministry) observes the dispositions of both Greek legislation (Law Ν. 2472/1997 on the protection of individual and the protection of personal data, amended by decisions of the President of the Personal Data Protection Committee, Presidential Decrees 207/1998 and 79/2000, Law 2819/2000 art. 8, and Law 3471/2006) and European legislation (Dir. 95/46/EC και 97/66/EC).

Those dispositions are articulated in view of both rapid technology and Internet advances, and the present ­­- yet underdeveloped- grid of legal regulations concerning those issues. In this context, any relevant regulation will be the object of this section. In any case, this Ministry-owned portal is entitled to modify the terms of protection of personal data upon notification of visitors/users, observing the present or any subsequent legal context. If a visitor/user does not agree with the terms of protection of personal data articulated in this section, she must not use the services of this Ministry-owned portal.

Those personal data collected are:

User Services
In order the visitor to be registered as user in certain services of this portal, she is asked to fill in the following: Name and Surname / Company Name - Address / Company Domicile - Postal Code - Telephone - E-mail - Fax - City - Country. These non sensitive personal data are kept in records of this Ministry-owned portal, and they are never communicated to third party entities.

In order the visitor/user to be registered in the mailing lists of web newsletters, she is asked to fill in the following: Name and Surname / Company Name - E-mail. This Ministry-owned portal is entitled to keep records with the e-mail addresses of the recipients, for the purpose of delivering other information messages beyond newsletters, except when those recipients do not wish so. These data are never communicated to third party entities. The recipient of newsletters can be removed from the e-mail addresses record. This Ministry-owned portal can remove any recipient without justification.

This Ministry-owned portal can use cookies to identify visitors/users of certain web services and web pages (e.g. newsletters). Cookies are small text files stored on the hard disk of every visitor/user, extracting no knowledge of any of the documents or files on her computer. They are used to facilitate the visitor/user's access when she uses specific services of this Ministry-owned portal, as well as for statistical purposes, in order to specify the areas where these Ministry-owned portal services are useful or popular. The visitor/user of this portal can set up her server so to warn her for the use of cookies in specific portal services or not allow cookies to be used in any case. In case the visitor/user of specific web services and web pages does not wish the use of cookies for her identification, she cannot have further access in those services or pages.

Links to other sites
This Ministry-owned portal includes links to other websites controlled not by the Ministry but by other entities (physical or legal). This Ministry-owned portal in no case can be held responsible for the Terms of Protection of Personal Data those are entities observe.

IP Addresses
IP Addresses, that ensure access to Internet and Web, are used exclusively for statistical purposes.

In order the visitor/user to participate in a voting launched by this Ministry-owned portal, she is asked to fill in the following: Name and Surname and, occasionally, several other non sensitive data, such as capacity, age (according to the nature of questions posed in a voting). The individual vote of the visitor/user is recorded exclusively for extrapolating the public opinion views on a certain issue, and cannot be used for any other purpose neither to be communicated to third party entities.

General Terms of Protection of Personal Data
This Ministry-owned portal protects the personal nature of your data, and is not entitled to pass them on to any third party entity (physical or legal) for any reason what so ever, except for corresponding legal dispositions and only to the authorities responsible. This Ministry-owned portal keeps records of personal data conveyed by the visitor/user exclusively for communication purposes. The visitor/user can contact the responsible office in order to cross-check the existence of her personal record, to make corrections and changes, and be removed. Those of this Ministry-owned portal visitors/users that are minor have access to web services only upon the consent of their parents or their guardians, and they have no obligation to submit their personal data. In any case such data are submitted, this Ministry-owned portal removes the corresponding information. It is possible that this Ministry-owned portal seeks to process in some portion or in total those data conveyed by you, for statistical purposes or in order to improve services/information delivered.

Electronic Services  Electronic Services

The following services, available to registered users, are processed on-line through the ermis portal.

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