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1.Accreditation of Test Facilities for ADR testing for hazardous goods vehicles

An ADR Test Facility carries out regular ADR testing on hazardous goods vehicles

2.Announcement concerning the establishment and operation of a Vocational Training School for Hazardous Goods Drivers (SEKOOMEE)

SEKOOMEE’s are Private Schools offering the training provided for in Part 8 “Chapter 8.2” of the ADR Agreement to those interested in obtaining – expanding – renewing a Vocational Training Certificate of dangerous goods driver.

3.Announcement concerning the operation of a Roadside Assistance Associate

A roadside assistance company provides roadside assistance in the case of accident or breakdown of motor vehicles, if the latter are immobilised or their use is rendered difficult. Roadside assistance includes repair on site, towing of vehicle to some other location or to an automobile repair shop for repair, and transfer of passengers and driver to a place of their choice. Roadside assistance companies are split into: • mixed roadside assistance companies, • independent nationwide roadside assistance companies, and • roadside assistance associates.

4.Announcement of practice of the profession of Radio engineer B

Installation, maintenance, repair of radio transmitters of all kinds, manufacturing of radio receivers, assembly of television sets.

5.Approval of the establishment and operation of Theoretical Education Centre candidate drivers (KE.TH.E.Y.O.)

The Center for Theoretical Education candidate drivers (KE.TH.E.Y.O.) is properly configured and equipped space is provided theoretical candidate training guides.

6.Assistant Radio technician

Auxiliary personnel at radio electrical laboratories, other tasks under the supervision of a radio technician

7.Assistant Radiotechnician (Cross-border)

Temporary and occasional provision of services regarding assisting staff in radioelectric labs, other works under a radiotechnician’s guidance.

8.Assistant of radio technician

Supportive personnel working in radioelectic laboratories

9.Authorization of testing Body ATP (Testing Stations ATP, ATP Experts)

The Testing Body ATP conducts the specific checks of vehicles engaged in international transport of perishable foodstuffs that are registered in Greece and it issues audit reports on the insulating capacity of the equipment and the efficiency of cooling or heating devices in order to issue the certificate ATP.

10.Cross Border: Assistant of radio technician

Installation, maintenance, repair of radio receivers and relevant devices.

  • Results 1 - 10, from 89
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