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1. Trading licenses for plant protection products

The marketing store of plant protection products is the place from which the producers purchase the pesticides they use in their crops

2. Άδεια καταστήματος πώλησης σκύλων και γατών

Στα καταστήματα αυτά διαμένουν σκύλοι και γάτες με σκοπό - εφόσον εκδηλωθεί ενδιαφέρον αγοράς - να πραγματοποιηθεί η πώληση αυτών

4.Approval of the activity of Inspection and Certification Body for organic products

Approval of the activity of the Inspection and Certification Organization for Organic Products (“Organization”) to certify operators who are part of the system for organic production of agricultural products and foodstuffs, as provided by the Regulations (EC) 834/2007 of the European Council and the Regulations (EC) 889/2008 and 1235/2008 of the European Commission (“Regulation”).

5.Authorization control of insects or rodents in populated areas

Individuals or companies that make up teams to control insects or rodents in the living spaces (in spaces where they live or move people as well as workplaces)

6.Authorization for establishment and operation of ungulates and poultry slaughterhouses.

The established Slaughterhouses contribute significantly to the improvement and modernization of meat hygiene and technology conditions, use of products and/or by-products, protection of Public health and environment and increase of livestock production

7.Authorization for laying hens farms

It concerns laying hens farms, namely Gallus-gallus hens which have reached laying maturity and kept for egg production not intended for hatching. The current described procedure is not implemented in: - installations with less than 350 laying hens - installations for the rearing of laying hens

8.Authorization to establish and operate animal private clinics and habitats

In the private animal clinics a preventive treatment, care of them is provided for animals brought by citizens (owners on not) while the animals habitat involved in hosting, keeping and the preventive and therapeutic treatment of animals- if required.

9.Authorized to perform artificial insemination and eustrus synchronization program in breeding animals

The artificial insemination and the eustrus synchronization as well as the embryos transfer is carried out by authorized inseminators in breeding animals in order to enhance the genetic material leading to increased efficiency of animal milk and meat and their protection from infectious diseases during the breeding process. Authorized inseminators are individuals inseminators having a license to implement the eustrus synchronization program by the Directorates of Rural Economy and Veterinary of the Regional unities for more than a farming and for species or kind of animals that have a relevant certificate.

10.Business marketing licence for propagating material of type AB C and D

Natural or legal persons trading propagating material

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