Cross border: Practicing licence of driving instructor candidates


Κωδικός Υπηρεσίας: 6059

Χρόνος Διεκπεραίωσης: Fifteen (15) days

Κόστος: - For the issuing of driving instructor licence 30,00 € - For the issuing of a duplicate of driving instructor license 30,00 €

Nομικό Πλαίσιο: presidential decree 208/2002 (GG 194/A/23-8-2002) presidential decree 337/2003 (GG 291/A/18-12-2003) Joint Ministerial Resolution 6776/734/2003 (GG 217/V/26-2-2003) and Law 3852/2010 (Official Gazette 87 / A)


The duties of driving instructor candidates are the following: a. To provide theoretical and practical training to candidates drivers of cars, motorcycles and motorbikes of each category or subcategory. b. to participate in the practical driving test with his/her training car conducted at the local Transport and Communications Services of the Prefectures. c. to provide practical training to holders of cars, motorcycles and motorbikes driving licences to improve their driving ability.

Γενικά Δικαιολογητικά

  • A certified copy of the interested’ s valid driving license, which must show that the interested meets the requirements of subsection a of paragraph 2 of the Article 3 of the presidential decree .208/02.
    The copy is certified by the Office of Transport and Communications.
  • Copy of criminal record type A version of the final quarter, proving that the interested has not been convicted of crimes referred to in cases c and d of paragraph 2 of Article 3 of the presidential decree .208/02.
  • Receipt of payment of the fee determined by the relevant provisions of Article 12 of Presidential Decree 208/02 and the Joint Ministerial Resolution 6776/734/2003 (Official journal 217 / B).
  • Statement of article 8 of Law 1599/1986 by stating the address of the applicant as well as that the applicant does not fall in the incompatibilities of the case e of paragraph 2 of Article 3 of the presidential decree 208/02.
    The interested’ s elements written on the Statement are verified by the Service, based on the interested ‘s identity card or other legal evidence.
  • Vocational certificate of education of Instructor of Drivers Candidates secondary level vocational training given by the training body of paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the presidential decree208/02.


The practising licence of driving instructor is granted to individuals who meet the following requirements: a. They are holders of a valid driving licence of all categories of motor-vehicles and motorcycles. b. They are holders of a Vocational Certificate of Instructor of drivers Candidates of secondary vocational training level provided by Article 5 of the presidential decree 208/02. c. They have not been finally sentenced to any penalty for theft, embezzlement, fraud, extortion, forgery, smuggling, violation of the law on drugs, dishonesty, misconduct, a moral crime, insubordination or desertion in wartime, passive or active bribery and during the last five years before the submission of the application , they have not been sentenced to prison fore more than ten (10) months imprisonment or of more than ninety (90) days imprisonment or to detention for violation of the Road Traffic Code. d. They have not been finally sentenced to illegal practice of the profession of Training candidate drivers. e. They are not employees of any employment relationship or they are not staff or retired of Public Entity and the wider public sector as determined by the provisions of paragraph 6 of Article 1 of Law 1256/1982 (A 65), as it’s valid. These conditions must be met during the time period the interested is holder of the Instructor’s practicing licence of Drivers Candidates . If any of the conditions cease to be met the Instructor’s practicing license is revoked and it’s granted again if they are no longer the reasons for which it has been withdrawn. Each instructor is obliged to inform immediately the Directorate of Transport and Communications if he does not meet any of the above said conditions anymore. .


Step 1: The applicant shall submit to the Directorate of Transport and Communications of the Prefecture, the application with all the necessary supporting documents for the issuing of the license instructor.

Step 2: An official of the Directorate of Transport and Communications receives the application and verifies the documents submitted.

Step 3: The practicing licence of driving instructor is granted provided that all the required terms and conditions are met.

Σημειώσεις και επεξηγήσεις

- By Law 3852/2010 (Official Gazette 87 / A) the competence of granting instructor practicing licence is  transferred to  the municipalities in the country.

- Responsible Authority for complaints: The competent Prefectural Service of Transport and Communications and the municipalities of the country.


FAΧ: 210-651586,629,386,834,438

Πρακτική Βοήθεια

The Instructor practicing licence is valid throughout the country for all types of motor-vehicles. The instructor of drivers candidates is required to practice as instructor, exclusively within the county where the seat of the Driving school is or in the county where the branch of Driving School is.

Θεματική Κατηγοριοποίηση

Επαγγελματικές Δραστηριότητες: P.85.5.3 - Driving school activities