Approval of the establishment and operation of Theoretical Education Centre candidate drivers (KE.TH.E.Y.O.)


Κωδικός Υπηρεσίας: 6054

Χρόνος Διεκπεραίωσης: Thirty (30) days

Κόστος: QU- To permit the establishment KE.TH.E.Y.O. 30,00 € - To obtain an operating permit KE.TH.E.Y.O. 60,00 €

Nομικό Πλαίσιο: pd 208/2002 (GG 194/A/23-8-2002) pd 337/2003 (GG 291/A/18-12-2003) JMD 6776/734/2003 (GG 217/V/26-2-2003) MD 58930/480/1999 (B '526) as amended by the Building 43206/6028/2008 (B1541) and Law 3852/2010 (Official Gazette 87 / A)


The Center for Theoretical Education candidate drivers (KE.TH.E.Y.O.) is properly configured and equipped space is provided theoretical candidate training guides.

Γενικά Δικαιολογητικά


The granting of establishment and operation KE.TH.E.Y.O. becomes: (A) natural or legal persons (including civil partnerships) in the name of which operate Driving Schools. (B) legal entities, as long as `the names of all those members operate Driving Schools.


Step 1: The applicant shall submit to the Department of Transport and Communications of the Prefecture, the application with all necessary documents for the authorization to establish KE.TH.E.Y.O.

Step 2: : An official of the Directorate of Transport and Communications has received the application and verify the documents submitted

Step 3:: Carry out a mandatory inspection on site KE.TH.E.Y.O. by an official of the Directorate of Transport and Communications who Minutes are kept in the file KE.TH.E.Y.O.

Step 4: If the legal conditions granted authorization KE.TH.E.Y.O. together''Annex to the authorization KE.TH.E.Y.O.''That annex listing the full contact details Director of Studies.

Σημειώσεις και επεξηγήσεις

By Law 3852/2010 (Official Gazette 87 / A) powers up and running KE.TH.E.Y.O. candidate drivers of cars and motorcycles on 01.01.2011 transferred to municipalities in the country

Co-related authorities: Division (or Department or Office) Transport and Communications of the Prefecture of the country wDivision (or Department or Office) Transport and Communications of the Prefecture of the country where he has his permanent residence. (See NOTES)
here he has his permanent residence. (See NOTES)

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Πρακτική Βοήθεια

- The management study, responsibility for the proper functioning of KETHEFO and observance of the provisions entrusted to the Director of Studies, which must be instructor candidates car drivers and motorcycle holder Vocational Training Instructor Driver's license applicants or successful attendance training sessions provided for in Article 13 of p.d.208/02. - Any change to either replace the Director of Studies or the teachers communicated in writing to the appropriate (with names, contact details and qualifications of young people). In case of replacement of the Director of Studies issued a new "annex to the license KETHEFO. When leaving the Director of Studies and is not replaced within one (1) month from another individual who meets the conditions of this Decree, revoked the license of the Centre. - Decisions license Theoretical Education Centers Driving candidates reported to the Directorate of Road Safety and Environment Department of Transport and Communications and the relevant tax office (Where the headquarters of the Centre). - Driving School can operate at the Centre for Theoretical Education Candidates as Drivers in the name of that person or entity. In this case, the Driving School is the lobby and public areas KE.TH.E.Y.O. - Outdoor Education Centre's Theoretical drivers and a conspicuous position required sign posted stating: a. the words "TRAINING CENTER THEORETICAL DRIVING, color black or blue. b. international radio signal "L", red and c. the number of license Centre Theoretical Drivers Education Candidates. - Inside the Center for Theoretical Education and Driving School and prominent position suspended the license of operation.

Θεματική Κατηγοριοποίηση

Επαγγελματικές Δραστηριότητες: P.85.5.3 - Driving school activities