Issuance of a permit to establish and operate a motor vehicle repair shop


Κωδικός Υπηρεσίας: 4005.1

Χρόνος Διεκπεραίωσης: Within 90 days of filing an application and any required supporting documents

Κόστος: IRS voucher of € 23.50 (for establishment permit)

Nομικό Πλαίσιο: 1.JMD No. 52424/8501/9-11-2011 2.PD 78/88 as currently in force


Procedure, conditions and required supporting documents for the issuance of a permit to establish repair and maintenance shops for motor vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds. A business that repairs and maintains vehicles.

Γενικά Δικαιολογητικά

  • (for the operation permit) :Environmental Terms Approval by the competent Environment Service
  • (For paint shops) Study signed by the competent Mechanical Engineer
    Specifically for paint shops a study is required which describes the selected antipollution system and indicating that solvents are retained at least to the minimum set in article 9 Act No. 1575/85
  • (For the establishment permit) : Study
    A study is filed in 3 copies, signed by the competent Mechanical Engineer or Technologist Engineer. This regards machinery and ventilation of repair shop
  • (For the establishment permit) :Topo diagram of the area.
  • (For the establishment permit): Solemn Statement of article 8 Act No. 1599/86
    Solemn Statement of article 8 Act No. 1599/86 of the Engineer that the total noise does not exceed the maximum levels set in article 2, para 5 PD No. 1180/81 or other related provisions
  • (For the establishment permit): Solemn statement that the building regulations do not prohibit the establishment and operation of a repair shop
  • (For the establishment permit): Technical report
    Submitted in 3 copies, signed by the individual that prepared the study (as set by law). This should detail the building construction and the mechanical installations and devices therein
  • (For the establishment permit): Certificate or reference number of environmental impact assessment study submitted to the competent authority
    According to the joint decision of Ministers of Home Affairs, National Economy, Agriculture, Culture, Commercial Shipping, Tourism, EPPW, Industry, Energy & Technology and Transport & Communications
  • (For the establishment permit): Solemn Statement of article 8 Act No. 1599/86
    This is filed by the applicant and the Mechanical Engineer, and it certifies that the building is within an area where such uses are not prohibited and that distances are kept, as set in article 1 PD No. 78/88
  • (For the establishment permit):Architectural drawing of a repair shop building.
    In 3 copies, at a scale 1: 50 (1:100 in case of large shops) with plan views of all levels of the building, with all details and auxiliary spaces, the positioning and dimensions of (widths, gradients, curvature radii etc), all mechanical installations and locations of machinery, the electrical installation (switchboard and position of luminaires), existing manholes and floor drainage systems, along with a legend with full measurement of surfaces and an indicative section indicating the heights of floors, the gradients of ramps and the position of floors in relation to the level of the sidewalk and the surrounding area.
  • (For the establishment permit):IRS voucher of € 23.50
  • (For the establishment permit):Traffic connection approval
    According to examples in PD No. 143/89 for repair shops out of town plans on national roads, which are facilities in the sense of article 24 of RD No. 465/70
  • (For the operation permit) Solemn Statement of article 8 Act No. 1599/86
    Solemn Statement of article 8 Act No. 1599/86 of the supervising engineer that the repair shop and facilities were constructed according to approved drawings and technical regulations in force, and that related terms and restrictions were observed during works.
  • (For the permit to establish a repair – body shop) : ) Study signed by the competent Mechanical Engineer
    This is submitted for establishing a repair – body shop and illustrates the existing noise environment, assesses the expected noise / vibration level caused by the shop’s operation and suggests specific noise / vibration reduction measures with full technical characteristics and calculations, so as not to exceed the limits set by PD No. 1180/81
  • (for the operation permit) : Degree of automotive technician
    True copy of the automotive technician’s degree or an automotive technician’s professional permit, according to Act No. 1575/85. In case the repair shop owner is not a holder of the above degree or permit, then an employee should be holder of either of the above - a Recruitment Announcement or the authenticated list of staff is also required.
  • (for the operation permit) :A KEK permit in the name of the professional permit holder
    Specifically for licensing paint and body shops
  • (for the operation permit) :Building permit or demolition exclusion decision or any other documentation certifying the legality of the building.
    In case of an existing building it is required to file a revised permit as to establish a repair shop, issued by the competent town planning authority.
  • (for the operation permit): Fire Certificate
    according to current regulations, marking the expiry date.
  • APPLICATION – SOLEMN STATEMENT for a permit to establish and operate a repair shop
    (Απαραίτητο έγγραφο)


1. Land uses should allow for the establishment of a repair shop (low noise shops). 2. The environmental terms of JMD No. 69269/5387/1990 are met. 3. The building where the repair shop is to be established should be at least the dimensions set in PD No. 78/ 88 (with auxiliary spaces, minimum height in working areas etc).


Step 1. The applicant files an application to establish a repair and maintenance shop for motor vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds at the competent Local Government, attaching supporting documents.

Step 2 (for the establishment permit): : Supporting documents are sent to the Transport Dept of the Region

Step 3 (for the establishment permit): : The competent Transport Dept Officer reviews the supporting documents

Step 4 (for the establishment permit): : Site inspection by Transport Dept’s competent officer

Step 5 (for the establishment permit):: Issuance of Establishment Permit

Step 6 (for the operation permit): : Operation Permit application (with attached supporting document)

Step 7 (for the operation permit): : Supporting documents are sent to the Transport Dept of the Region

Step 8 (for the operation permit):: The competent Transport Dept Officer reviews the supporting documents

Step 9. Issuance of Operation Permit


Θεματική Κατηγοριοποίηση

Επαγγελματικές Δραστηριότητες: G.45.2 - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles