Announcement concerning the practice of the profession of optician - optometrist

Αρμόδιος φορέας: ΥΠΟΥΡΓΕΙΟ ΥΓΕΙΑΣ


Κωδικός Υπηρεσίας: 9249.1

Χρόνος Διεκπεραίωσης: Within three months after the announcement to practise the profession, the Authority may prohibit its exercise, if their legal requirements are not met or the documents submitted are not complete. After that period without action is presumed that the profession shall be practiced freely (article 3 of Law 32 3919/2011-Official Gazette A/02.03.2011). A person in the above case of tacit approval, may request a relevant attestation from the competent administrative authority responsible for issuing the administrative act by virtue of paragraph 4 , Article 10 Law 3230/2004 (Official Gazette 44/A/ 11-2 -2004).

Κόστος: 36,98 €


Nομικό Πλαίσιο: Ministerial Decision 66381/2017, GG 3247/B/15.9.2017


Procedure and required documents for the profession of optician - optometrist

Γενικά Δικαιολογητικά

  • A photocopy of identity card or any item identifier.
    Aliens of Greek descent from Albania present a Special identity card of expatriate (EDTO), while aliens of Greek descent from Cyprus and Turkey an Identity Card of L. 1975/1991 (article 17) and L. 4310/1999 (article 32 par. 2).
  • Application - Solemn Declaration concerning the practice of the profession of optician - optometrist.
    (Απαραίτητο έγγραφο)
  • Copy of Degree in optometry or optics-optometry awarded by Technological Educational Institutes (T.E.I) or copy of a Degree in Optics (foreign degree officially translated and recognised as equivalent and correspondent by Doatap) AND a post graduate title in Optometry (foreign title recognised as equivalent by Doatap) or recognition of professional qualifications of optician-optometrist (P.D. 38/2010, Law 4093/2012 GG A 222 as amended) issued by SAEP (Ministry of Education)
  • Stamp duty 29, 35 €
  • Stamp duty from Tax Office (7.63 €)
  • Two (2) Photos

Αυτεπάγγελτα δικαιολογητικά

  • Copy of the criminal record certificate for general use.
    Failing a copy from the criminal record is then required the submission of an equivalent document issued from a relevant court or administrative authority of the country of origin or provenance, which will satisfy the requirements. If the country of origin or provenance does not provide such a document, in that case this may be replaced by a declaration on oath, or in countries where there is no provision for declaration on oath, by a solemn declaration - made by the person concerned before a competent judicial or administrative authority or, where appropriate, a notary in the country of origin or the country whence that person comes, that certify the declaration on oath, or the formal declaration. Documents issued according to the above-mentioned procedure must not be submitted later than three months after their date of issue.

Ειδικά Δικαιολογητικά

  • (For EU citizens and citizens of third countries with eu rights) copy of the State certificate of language proficiency (B2 level) according to the relevant Law
    When applying to SAEP (for recognition of professional qualifications) the applicants submit the State certificate of language proficiency according to the Law. The State certificate of language proficiency is not required in case the applicants are secondary or post secondary education graduates in Greece or College graduates or Greek University graduates or if they have obtained a recognition of equivalence and correspodence of their Degree by DOATAP.
  • (For EU citizens or third country citizens with eu rights) certificate of registration as a citizen of an EU member state (article 42 of Law 4071/2012, FEK Α΄ 85) or certificate of permanent residence of EU citizen (EU citizen card) or
    or ID or residence permit of alien of greek descend (article 81 of Law 4251/2014) or residence card of greek family member or permanent residence card or personal residence permit for citizens of third countries (articles 82, 83, 64, 85, 87 of Law 4251/2014 and art 3 of Law 4443/2016) or long-term residence permit of citizen of third country (articles 88, 97 and 106 of Law 4251/2014) or second generation residence permit (article 108 of Law 4251/2014) or blue EU card (article 114 and 120 of Law 4251/2014) or 10 year residence permit (article 138 of Law 4251/2014).


Citizen comes to the choice of KEP to apply for the practice of the profession of optician-optemotrist providing the necessary documentation.

Step 2: The KEP employee receives and checks the documents that are presented by the citizen. If, during check, a missing or uncomplete document is discovered, the employee informs the citizen and refrains from submitting the Application.

Step 3: ADS delivers the official confirmation to the citizen a request stating the reference number of the request.

Step 4: The KEP employee shall notify the competent institution of the case file (which contains the application and supporting documents).

Step 5: The service will check if the collected legal requirements if prokytpei assistance from the information submitted. After the quarter is presumed that the profession is practiced freely. The individual in the case of tacit approval and if requested by a certificate from the competent authority for the adoption of the Act administrative authority in accordance with paragraph 4 of Article 10 of Law 3230/2004 (GG 44/A/11-2-2004 ) may be received in the way he has set.

Citizen whose application has successfully handled by the department and if they are requested to provide statements for the profession of optician and has been declared as a receipt of a KEP / EKE comes to it and receives the certificate.

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Competent authority for complaints/assistance:HEALTH AND CARE ADMINISTRATIONS [PREFECTURAL GOVERNMENTS]



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