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Modification - merger of companies into an S.A., (merger of companies by absorption of SA / merger of companies by establishing a new S.A.) The request can be made through the Citizens’ Service Centres (KEP).


Procedure, prerequisites and required supporting documents for the modification of a company into an SA, and the merger of companies either by absorption of SA or merger of companies by establishing a new S.A.


The interested party must have a company and want the merger.


Citizens visit the KEP of their choice to apply for changing a company into an S.A., merger of companies (merger of companies by absorption of SA / merger of companies by establishing a new S.A.), presenting the required documentation.

Step 1: The KEP employee receives and checks the documents that are presented by the citizen. If, during check, a missing or uncomplete document is discovered, the employee informs the citizen and refrains from submitting the Application.

Step 2: The employee fills in the electronic Application and creates a new folder in the KEP Information System. The citizen has the possibility, if he wishes it, to declare his mobile phone number and thus to be informed by SMS for the complemetion of the request. Finally, the employee hands to the citizen a request submission certificate in which the number of the request file is written.

Step 3: The Employee of the KEP sends to the Competent Entity the file of the case (which includes both the application and the supporting documents) in one of the accepted ways (email, fax, courier, post, etc).

Step 4: The employee of the KEP receives the final Document immediately from the Competent Entity and notifies the citizen (via sms or telephone) for him to come and take it.

Notes and Clarifications

the legality of submitted documents is checked and the Prefect issues a decision on the registration of the company in the SAs Register. Then follows the relevant announcement and sending for publication in the G.G.

Common: Companies
Subjects: Transformation of a company, Merger of a company
Life Episodes: Starting a Business