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Announcement concerning the practice of the profession of psychologist.


Procedure and required documents for announce to practice psychology.







Citizen comes to the KEP of his choice to submit an application form - solemn declaration for the practice of the profession of psychologist providing the necessary documentation.

Step 2: The KEP employee receives and checks the documents that are presented by the citizen. If, during check, a missing or uncomplete document is discovered, the employee informs the citizen and refrains from submitting the Application.

Step 3: The KEP employee delivers the official confirmation to the citizen a request stating the reference number of the request.

Step 4: The KEP employee shall notify the competent institution of the case file (which contains the application and supporting documents).

Step 5: The service will check if the collected legal requirements if prokytpei assistance from the information submitted. After the quarter is presumed that the profession is practiced freely. The individual in the case of tacit approval and if requested by a certificate from the competent authority for the adoption of the Act administrative authority in accordance with paragraph 4 of Article 10 of Law 3230/2004 (GG 44/A/11-2-2004 ) may be received in the way he has set.

Citizen whose application has successfully been handled by the competent Authority and if he has requested the issuing of an Attestation of notification for the practice of the profession of psychologist and has declared a KEP / EKE as a recepient , comes to it and receives the Attestation.3

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Competent authority for complaints/assistance:HEALTH AND CARE ADMINISTRATIONS [PREFECTURAL GOVERNMENTS]


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