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Establishment and operation of food and beverage service activities on board seagoing ships The request can be made electronically at the web page of the Citizens’ Service Centres (KEP).


It is about the establishment and operation of food and beverage service activities facilities’ license on board either passenger or pleasure boats Irrespective ships’ flag sailing exclusively among Greek ports or on board either passenger or pleasure boats flying Greek flag engaged in international voyages.



The applicant must : Be an adult (over 18 years) of Hellenic nationality or of another European Union member state and that of EFTA. In case of legal person there should be established in Greece or EU member state and EFTA. (except Switzerland).

The following laws which are consistent with the present are applied for the particular activity: a) Law 2323/1995 “Open air (standing or peddler) trade license and other provisions” (A 145), b) Minister of Competitiveness and Mercantile Marine decision No 2123/03/2001 on “The establishment and operation of food and beverage services activities facilities on board seagoing ships” (B 269)



Step 1: Provided the ship-owner is a legal person, his legal representative submits to the Port Authority of port of departure the application along with all the required supporting documents.

Step 2: Step 2 : Upon verification of the supporting documents they are forwarded to the competent Prefecture Health Service to attest if they meet or not the health conditions of A1b/8577/83 Health Provision (526B/83) as it is modified and in force or the provisions of the applicable legislation.

Step 3 : Port Authority issues the license after receiving the verification of the competent Prefecture Health Service.

Notes and Clarifications


1. All documents submitted shall be in Hellenic language. Certificates of participation issued abroad shall be accompanied by translation to Greek. If documents required are not issued in a country or they do not cover all cases then they are replaced by a solemn statement of the applicant which is presented to the competent judicial or administrative authority or to a notary in the country of origin declaring that these documents are not issued in the specific country and the specific person has not violated relevant law provisions. Documents issued in accordance with the above may not be submitted later than three months after their date of issue. .

2. The documents:

i. Document stating the facility concession,

ii. Solemn statement of Law 1599/86, declaring that “I am not irrevocably sentenced by a final judgment for the following offences… …declared even partially deprived of civil rights.”

iii. Photocopies of legal person representative or its legal representative identity card or other identification document and health book and

ix. Photocopies of legal representative act of legalization as well as any modifying acts,

are submitted provided the facility concession is granted by the ship owner or the shipping company to other natural or legal entity.

3. Payment of sums required to the benefit of Seamen Share Fund and E.K.O.E.M.N shall be affected by deposit by the applicant of the present application form along with payment receipts issued by the Hellenic Post, indicating particulars of the sender and the receiving competent Port Authority /Port Police Office for the completion of the procedure.

There is also the possibility of distance payment by deposit of the whole sum in a bank account indicated each time by the electronic EKE –EUGO  or natural EKE. The deposit receipt must indicate the name of the applicant. If the application is submitted electronically then the deposit receipt is submitted in digital form.

4. The Legal representative of the legal person ,whose personal data are stated in the Port Authority, should meet the conditions implemented for the legal person as derived by its Articles of Association.

5. In case the applicant is a legal person the necessary documents/certificates are possible to be submitted by One Stop Service if it is provided for by the legislation in force.

6. Documents in form of solemn statement in the present application are all filled in a solemn statement by the applicant, as set forth in the present application after the indication of cost for the requested activity.



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