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DECLARATION FOR TEMPORARY / TRANSBORDER SUPPLY OF SERVICES OF OPEN-AIR (STANDING OR PEDDLER) TRADE ON BOARD SHIPS The request can be made electronically at the web page of the Citizens’ Service Centres (KEP).




Persons wishing to supply one of the services in article 1, are obliged to follow provisions of relevant law implemented for Greek nationals exercising same profession in the country and not contradicting law 3844/2010  as well as with present decision by authorization of the latter,  otherwise they are subject to sanctions provided for by relevant law.


Step 1: The provider submit the temporary/transborder supply of services declaration and of the required documents.

Step 2: The competent authority checks whether the declaration and the supporting documents are as required and if so, the provider is granted attestation authorizing temporary/ transborder supply of service by the provider. If conditions required are not met, the provider is duly advised by notification receipt. The provider may start supply of services following submission of the declaration and documents required to the competent authority.

Notes and Clarifications

All documents submitted shall be drawn up in Hellenic language. Participation certificates issued abroad shall be translated in Hellenic language. If equivalent documents/certificates required are not issued in a country or they do not cover all cases, they are replaced by solemn statement of the applicant made in front of administrative authority or by sworn statement  made in front of a notary or judicial authority stating that these documents are not issued in the specific country and that the specific person  has not violated relevant law provisions .Documents issued in accordance with the above, may not be submitted later than three months after the issue date.

In case of standing or peddler trade practiced by a legal person, one at least of his legal representatives stated in Port Authorities should be duly qualified and meet all the conditions. Photocopies of legal person articles of Association and any amendments are also submitted.

In case of a legal person there are submitted photocopies of his act of legalization as well as any modifying acts and also any related document proving appointment of legal representative.


1. In case of legal representative:

a) documents:

i. Passport or other identifying document copy and

ii.Document equivalent to Hellenic criminal record stating

are submitted in the name of legal representative.

b)  the other details of the application are submitted in the name of legal representative and are adapted to his nature.


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