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Statistic declaration of resident companies for transactions with non residents without the interference of domestic Credit Institutions


Information on the obligation of the legal persons - residents in Greece to declare the total transactions conducted by them with non residents without the mediation of credit or financial institutions that operate in Greece aiming at its statistical use for calculating the Balance of payments of the country.


By the Act of Governor 2535/21.1.2004 (paragraph ΙΙ) of the Bank of Greece, any legal person, resident of Greece, is obliged to declare any type of transactions regardless of the amount, conducted with non residents, without the mediation of credit or financing institutions operating in Greece. More specifically, any legal person, resident must submit the aforementioned details, on a monthly basis, within 15 days prior to the expiration of report month, via email to the address according to the sample attached to the aforementioned Act of Governor and the instructions accompanying the same. In case of failure to submit via email, these details may be sent by mail (Statistics Department, Balance of payments statistics department, Data Collection Department of the Bank of Greece and non Bank Sector, 21 El. Venizelou 21, Athens 10250) or by fax at 210-3203956. Note that this information is confidential and is collected exclusively for statistical reasons and more specifically for drawing up the balance of payments of the country.The obligation to provided statistic information to the Bank of Greece is imposed by article 55C of its Articles of Association, as validated by the laws 2609/1998 and 2832/2000. For the dispatch of the aforementioned procedure the relevant form for the submission of details is given as well as instructions on how to complete the same.

Common: Companies
Subjects: Entrepreneurship, Establishment and operation of a company