The Portal "ERMIS" is the Central Portal of the public administration by providing citizens and businesses and electronic information services.

Electronic services of ERMIS are divided into two categories:

Online Services - Not receiving an immediate effect

Here submit electronic requests for public administration services by receiving the outcome (certificate , certificate , etc. ) or your email box or ACC you provide when submitting the application.

Online Services - Direct receipt result

Here submit electronic requests for services in Public Administration directly by receiving the outcome (certificate , certification , etc. ) in your mailbox.

Directive 123/2006 / EC on the Services Procedures to provide services in Greece .

Gateway Unified Service Centre for European Directive 123/2006 / EC on services Here are information and procedures for activities in the services sector (individuals ) in Greece . There is the possibility of completing relevant procedures electronically and remotely ( electronically submitting the necessary forms and related documents and receiving electronic effect ) .

Validation Document Test.

Using the validation control mechanism the recipient can verify a printed and / or electronic document produced by the direct receipt of electronic services of the Portal "ERMIS ».

The recipient of the document introduces the " Verification Code " bearing your document at the bottom of , adding the date of the document and contrasts the automatic output document of the Portal "ERMIS" with what 's sent or deposited .

Digital Signatures - Greek Public Certification Authority .

Here you will find information on how to obtain a digital signature of the Certification Authority of the Greek government , on how to digitally sign a document for the relevant institutional framework etc.

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